55 Things to Love About Being 55


Recently, I celebrated my most recent milestone in life: turning 55 years old.

I cannot fathom how it's possible that I've reached 55 years and still feel like a newbie at so much of life.

It's kind of exciting, really. I mean, maturity is something we generally aspire to, right? With all the insight, wisdom and grace that come with having lived longer and through more tempering experiences, right? 

I'm laughing inside. If I were to count only the awkward or eyebrow-raising choices I've made this week, not to mention the simple graceless things I do as a matter of course, it would be a week to remember. :)

What's really remarkable is that none of these blips have sunk me in the least.

Maybe that's my brand of wisdom? Experiencing and creating my life, but not being torpedoed by any of it...just sailing on as if learning-by-mistake was perfectly natural. :)

I'm sure that little life lesson is inherent in all of the 55 things I counted to love about being 55. I'm sharing the article here because several items on the list directly relate to taming disorderly eating and making peace with food. In fact, there are probably 10 that I could directly connect to this ongoing journey of nourishing self/others with love and without making it stressful. 

I sincerely ope you enjoy the article. You can find it here (with the option of comments, and I would LOVE to have you add to my list) or here. The first requires a sign-in to comment or clap. The latter is just out there on the web, waiting to be read. :)

Love to you,

Heather Burton