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Peace with Food - 52 Ways To Tame Disorderly Eating and Make Your Peace with Food
Genre: Personal development, non-fiction, well-being encouragement, memoir

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A Mom's Funny Book for Boys
© 2017 Heather Burton
Genre: Non-fiction, humour, life encouragement, self-leadership       Age range: 10-ish to whenever

Excerpt, from the Dedication:
Dear Boy:
     Boys are great. You know this – you are one. I know this, too – I’ve brought 8 of them into existence on Planet Earth and have been a teacher, Scout leader, friend and fortunate second mom to wild dozens more.
     You could even say I’m a kind of fangirl of boys. There are many reasons for this, but two stand out: I think you’re charming and interesting, and I think you hold a vitally important place in the beating heart of the world.
     This book is meant entirely for you. I wrote it myself, all the while thinking, “Man, I love boys!” and “It must be so tough to be a boy at times,” and “Sweaty socks and all, boys are awesome.”
     You might have a huge question in your mind right now about whether this book is suitable for you or not – I mean, it’s written by a mom. I suspect your own mother or another special lady in your life may even have given you the book as a present or something.
     I agree that looks suspicious. You’ll soon realize that this book is also about girls and women, news that will probably send your eyebrows through the roof....Read more here.

Treasure, or The End from the Beginning
© 2017 Heather Burton
Genre: Middle-grade, realistic fiction       Age range: 10-ish to 14-ish

Chapter 1: Finding Out

Some things are just too much to take.

Like finding your gerbil limp and cold in the morning.
Like having oatmeal for breakfast and supper more times than you can count.
Like seeing an eviction notice on the front door.
Like finding your mom sobbing her eyes out.
Like being told the darkest secret of your 11 year-old life.
Like hearing her say, “I’m sick, and won’t get better.”
Like her leaving for the hospital.
Like having to move in with the Gearys.
Like their dad raging that he doesn’t want another kid in the house.

When all these things happen between the end of school and the end of summer, it’s as if the ground is cracking up around you and under you and there’s nowhere left to stand.

That’s when Treasure felt like running.
Read more here.

The Day My Grandpa Forgot Me
© 2017 Heather Burton
Genre: Picture book, realistic fiction         Age range: Very little to very old; anyone touched by Alzheimer's or dementia


The day my grandpa forgot me was a day we came visiting. We drove up to his sunny house where daisies line the walk and pink pelicans guard the raspberry bushes from birds.

Grandpa was sitting on the porch on a swinging bench like many times before. He wore his fishing cap pushed back, wrinkled me a big smile, and asked, “And who do we have here?”

“Grandpa, it’s me, you silly squirrel!” (His code name for me was Goofy Gopher.)

Grandpa wasn’t laughing. He looked at my dad and said, “Ben?”

That isn’t my name. It’s my dad’s. We stood for a second with a breeze between us. A cloud passed over the sun.

“Remember what we talked about?” Dad asked. I knew the time had come.

“Grandpa, I’m Sam, YOUR Sam, and we’ve come to take you fishing.”

Read more here.